ssCovMODWT-methods: Methods for "ssCovMODWT" object construction in Package...

Description Methods


This is the single method for construction of “ssCovMODWT” objects via the generic ssCovMODWT. Simply pass two valid “ssMODWT” objects to the method with other appropriate arguments listed below as desired. If the first and second objects are identical one should simply get the variance results back (as a check).


signature(ssMODWT.a = "ssMODWT", ssMODWT.b = "ssMODWT")


           description = 'sampSurf Covariance MODWT wavelet decomposition object',
           runQuiet = FALSE,
  • ssMODWT.a: The first object of class “ssMODWT” for the covariance decomposition.

  • ssMODWT.b: The second object of class “ssMODWT” for the covariance decomposition.

  • description: A character description as desired.

  • runQuiet: TRUE: no feedback; FALSE: some results printed.

  • ...: Arguments currently gobbled.

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