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Development package for tlocoh

draw.polygonsDraw polygons on the plot window
gridlayerReturns a square grid covering a bounding box If both mindim...
hexlayerReturns a hexagonal grid covering a bounding box If both...
iso2rasterConvert isopleths to raster
lhs.gmapDownload background images for plots
lhs.iso.overlapCompute isopleth overlap
lhs.iso.rastConvert isopleths to rasters
lhs.revisit.addAdd revisitation hull metrics to a LoCoH-hullset object
lhs.revisit.delDelete all revisitation hull metrics in a LoCoH-hullset...
lhs.selectionCreate a hullset selection object
lhs.shiny.selectInteractive selection of hullsets from a locoh-hullset hull metrics for association analysis hull metrics for temporally overlapping hulls statistics on the centroid distances for...
locoh.lhsClass for a hullsets
locoh.lxyClass for location data
lxy.exploreExplore a LoCoH-xy object in a interactive map
lxy.sval.getGet s values from a LoCoH-xy object
lxy.tumapComputes the time use statistics for a LoCoH-xy object using...
plot.locoh.tumapPlot time use maps
print.locoh.selectionPrints a locoh.selection object documentation built on May 2, 2019, 5:20 p.m.