Man pages for ABarray
Microarray QA and statistical data analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microrarray (AB1700) gene expression data.

ABarrayUtility to perform QA, data transformation and statistical...
ABarrayGUIGUI for ABarray to perform QA, data transformation and...
calcsnCalculate SN summary for each group
concordCalculate signal detection concordance
cvvCV calculation
cvvPlotPlot CV value
doANOVAPerform one way or two way ANOVA
doLPEPerform LPE analysis
doPlotEsetProduce a number of QA plot plus t and ANOVA test
doPlotFCTCalculate fold change and t test, the plot
doVennDiagramCreate Venn Diagram
drawVennDiagramDraw Venn Diagram
getMemberEsetProduce a sub ExpressionSet given a group and its members
getPantherMapCreate pie chart for probes involved in Panther Pathway
hclusterPlotheatmap generation
icpPloticp plot function
imputeFlagPerform imputation for missing values (FLAG > 5000)
lpe.fdr.BHPerform FDR on LPE results
mamaplotMA plot function
matrixPlotheatmap for matrix
mvaPair2plot MA for each pair of columns
panel.corCreate correlation panel
panel.scatterCreat scatter plot
qnNormalizePerform quantile normalization
rgcolorsfuncgenerate color map
savejpgsave device to jpg image file
scaleColorBarCreate scale for heatmap
snSummaryCreate summary information for S/N ratio
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