ABarray: Microarray QA and statistical data analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microrarray (AB1700) gene expression data.

Automated pipline to perform gene expression analysis for Applied Biosystems Genome Survey Microarray (AB1700) data format. Functions include data preprocessing, filtering, control probe analysis, statistical analysis in one single function. A GUI interface is also provided. The raw data, processed data, graphics output and statistical results are organized into folders according to the analysis settings used.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorYongming Andrew Sun
Bioconductor views Microarray OneChannel Preprocessing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerYongming Andrew Sun <sunya@appliedbiosystems.com>

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ABarray Man page
ABarrayGUI Man page
calcsn Man page
concord Man page
cvv Man page
cvvPlot Man page
doANOVA Man page
doLPE Man page
doPlotEset Man page
doPlotFCT Man page
doVennDiagram Man page
drawVennDiagram Man page
getMemberEset Man page
getPantherMap Man page
hclusterPlot Man page
icpPlot Man page
imputeFlag Man page
lpe.fdr.BH Man page
mamaplot Man page
matrixPlot Man page
mvaPair2 Man page
panel.cor Man page
panel.scatter Man page
qnNormalize Man page
rgcolorsfunc Man page
savejpg Man page
scaleColorBar Man page
snSummary Man page

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