Man pages for AffyExpress
Affymetrix Quality Assessment and Analysis Tool

AffyInteractionAnalyze interaction effect and produce output
AffyQAMicroarray quality control and assessment
AffyRegressSelect differentially expressed genes, and output the result...
Filterfilter an 'ExpressionSet' using different methods
import.dataImporting Affy Cel File
interaction.result2htmloutput differentially expressed genes for the interaction...
make.contrastCreate a contrast matrix
make.designCreate a Design Matrix
post.interactionCreate a list of tables for the result based on the main...
pre.processData Preprocessing
regressRun regression to fit genewise linear model
result2htmloutput differentially expressed genes to a HTML file
select.sig.geneselect differentially expressed genes based on p value and/or...
testDataAffyBatch instance testData
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