Man pages for BGmix
Bayesian models for differential gene expression

BGmixFit the BGmix differential expression model.
BGmix-packageBGmix fits a variety of Bayesian hierarchical models for...
calcFDREstimate the FDR (false discovery rate) and related...
ccParamsRead posterior means and classification probabilities from...
ccPredRead predictive quantities output from BGmix.
ccSummaryRead summary of BGmix output
ccTraceRead trace files from BGmix
EstimatePi0Proportion of the variables under the null hypothesis
FDRforTailPPFDR for tail posterior probability
FDRplotTailPPPlot of FDR for tail posterior probability
histTailPPHistogram plot for tail posterior probability
plotBasicBasic plots of BGmix parameters and data.
plotCompareScatter plot with equal axes.
plotFDRPlot estimated FDR etc. for BGmix output.
plotMixDensityPlot predictive density of data.
plotPredChecksPlots of predictive checks for mixture prior.
plotTraceTrace plots for BGmix output.
readBGXReads output from BGX package, for input to BGmix.
ssSample variance of log gene expression under two conditions
TailPPTail posterior probability for BGmix output.
ybarMean log gene expression under two conditions
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