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Biobase: Base functions for Bioconductor

abstractRetrieve Meta-data from eSets and ExpressionSets.
addVig2MenuAdd Menu Items to an Existing/New Menu of Window
AggregateA Simple Aggregation Mechanism.
annotatedDataFrameFrom-methodsMethods for Function annotatedDataFrameFrom in Package...
anyMissingChecks if there are any missing values in an object or not
assayDataRetrieve assay data from eSets and ExpressionSets.
Biobase-packageBiobase Package Overview
cacheEvaluate an expression if its value is not already cached.
channelCreate a new ExpressionSet instance by selecting a specific...
channelNamesRetrieve and set channel names from object
class.aggregatorA Simple Class for Aggregators
class.AnnotatedDataFrameClass Containing Measured Variables and Their Meta-Data...
class.AssayDataClass "AssayData"
class.characterORmiameClass to Make Older Versions Compatible
class.containerA Lockable List Structure with Constraints on Content
class.eSetClass to Contain High-Throughput Assays and Experimental...
class.ExpressionSetClass to Contain and Describe High-Throughput Expression...
class.MIAMEClass for Storing Microarray Experiment Information
class.MIAxEMIAxE objects
class.MultiSetClass to Contain and Describe High-Throughput Expression...
class.NChannelSetClass to contain data from multiple channel array...
class.SnpSetClass to Contain Objects Describing High-Throughput SNP...
classVersionRetrieve information about versioned classes
class.VersionedClass "Versioned"
class.VersionedBiobaseClass "VersionedBiobase"
class.VersionsClass "Versions"
class.VersionsNullClass "VersionsNull"
contentsFunction to retrieve contents of environments
copyEnvList-Environment interactions
copySubstituteCopy Between Connections or Files with Configure-Like...
createPackageCreate a Package Directory from a Template
data.aaMapDataset: Names and Characteristics of Amino Acids
data.geneDataSample expression matrix and phenotype data.frames.
data.reporterExample data.frame representing reporter information
data.sample.ExpressionSetDataset of class 'ExpressionSet'
data.sample.MultiSetData set of class 'MultiSet'
defunctBiobase Deprecated and Defunct
descriptionRetrieve and set overall experimental information eSet-like...
dumpPackTxtDump Textual Description of a Package
esApplyAn apply-like function for ExpressionSet and related...
exprsRetrieve expression data from eSets.
featureDataRetrieve information on features recorded in eSet-derived...
featureNamesRetrieve feature and sample names from eSets.
getPkgVigsList Vignette Files for a Package
isCurrentUse version information to test whether class is current
isUniqueDetermine Unique Elements
isVersionedDetermine whether object or class contains versioning...
lcSuffixCompute the longest common prefix or suffix of a string
listLenLengths of list elements
makeDataPackageMake an R package from a data object
matchptNearest neighbor search.
multiassignAssign Values to a Names
noteInformational Messages
notesRetrieve and set eSet notes.
openPDFOpen PDF Files in a Standard Viewer
openVignetteOpen a Vignette or Show Vignette Selection Menu
package.versionReport Version of a Package
phenoDataRetrieve information on experimental phenotypes recorded in...
protocolDataProtocol Metadata
read.AnnotatedDataFrameRead and write 'AnnotatedDataFrame'
readExpressionSetRead 'ExpressionSet'
read.MIAMERead MIAME Information into an Instance of Class 'MIAME'
reverseSplitA function to reverse the role of names and values in a list.
rowMediansCalculates the median for each row in a matrix
rowQA function to compute empirical row quantiles.
ScalarObject-classUtility classes for length one (scalar) objects
selectChannelsCreate a new NChannelSet instance by selecting specific...
selectSomeExtract elements of a vector for concise rendering
snpCallGet and retrieve SNP call and call probability data.
storageModeRetrieve or set storage mode for eSets.
strbreakBreak Character Strings to Fit Width
subListExtractExtract the same element from the sublists of a list
testBioCConnectionA function to check internet connectivity to Bioconductor
updateObjectToUpdate an object to the class definition of a template
updateOldESetUpdate previously created eSet object to current eSet...
userQueryA function to query the user for input
validMsgConditionally append result to validity message
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