Man pages for BiocParallel
Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation

BatchJobsParam-classEnable parallelization on batch systems
BatchtoolsParam-classEnable parallelization on batch systems
BiocParallel-packageBioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation
BiocParallelParam-classBiocParallelParam objects
bpaggregateApply a function on subsets of data frames
bpiterateParallel iteration over an indeterminate number of data...
bplapplyParallel lapply-like functionality
bploopInternal Functions for SNOW-style Parallel Evaluation
bpmapplyParallel mapply-like functionality
bpokResume computation with partial results
bpscheduleSchedule back-end Params
bptryTry expression evaluation, recovering from bperror signals
bpvalidateTools for developing functions for parallel execution in...
bpvecParallel, vectorized evaluation
bpvectorizeTransform vectorized functions into parallelized, vectorized...
DeveloperInterfaceDeveloper interface
DoparParam-classEnable parallel evaluation using registered dopar backend
ipcmutexInter-process locks and counters
MulticoreParam-classEnable multi-core parallel evaluation
registerMaintain a global registry of available back-end Params
SerialParam-classEnable serial evaluation
SnowParam-classEnable simple network of workstations (SNOW)-style parallel...
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