Man pages for CNVtools
A package to test genetic association with CNV data

A112Copy Number Variant intensity data
apply.ldfApplies a canonical correlation transformation to the data
apply.pcaApplies to the data a principal component analysis
CNV.fitModelFits a mixture of Gaussian to a set of one dimensional...
cnv.plotPlots posterior probabilty distributions
CNVtest.binaryFits a mixture of Gaussian to CNV data
CNVtest.binary.TCNV association testing using T distributions
CNVtest.qtFits a mixture of Gaussian to CNV data
CNVtest.qt.TFits a mixture of Gaussian to CNV data number of components in a CNV
CNVtools-packageCNVtools : CNV association studies the expanded data frame format needed by our fitting...
EM.starting.pointRandomly assigns a starting point for the EM algorithm
ExpandDataExpands a CNV input data frame for the maximum likelihood...
get.model.specGet model specifications (internal function)
getparamsReturn mixture parameters
getQualityScoreComputes a quality score for a CNV fit
qt.plotMakes signal vs trait plots and posterior probabilty...
test.posteriorChecks posterior probabilities are monotonic.
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