API for DChIPRep
DChIPRep - Analysis of chromatin modification ChIP-Seq data with replication

Global functions
.onAttach Source code
DChIPRep Man page
DChIPRep-package Man page
DChIPRepResults Man page Source code
DChIPRepResults-class Man page
DESeq2Data Man page
DESeq2Data,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
DESeq2Data.DChIPRepResults Source code
DESeq2Data<- Man page
DESeq2Data<-,DChIPRepResults,DESeqDataSet-method Man page
FDRresults Man page
FDRresults,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
FDRresults<- Man page
FDRresults<-,DChIPRepResults,list-method Man page
TSS_galonska Man page
chip_galonska Man page
exampleChipData Man page
exampleInputData Man page
exampleSampleTable Man page
getMATfromDataFrame Man page Source code
importData Man page Source code
importDataFromMatrices Man page Source code
importData_soGGi Man page Source code
input_galonska Man page
plotProfiles Man page
plotProfiles,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
plotProfiles.DChIPRepResults Source code
plotSignificance Man page
plotSignificance,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
plotSignificance.DChIPRepResults Source code
resultsDChIPRep Man page
resultsDChIPRep,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
resultsDChIPRep<- Man page
resultsDChIPRep<-,DChIPRepResults,list-method Man page
robust_mean Man page Source code
runTesting Man page
runTesting,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
runTesting.DChIPRepResults Source code
sample_table_galonska Man page
show Man page
show,DChIPRepResults-method Man page
summarizeCountsPerPosition Man page Source code
testData Man page
testSampleTable Source code
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