DFP: Gene Selection

This package provides a supervised technique able to identify differentially expressed genes, based on the construction of \emph{Fuzzy Patterns} (FPs). The Fuzzy Patterns are built by means of applying 3 Membership Functions to discretized gene expression values.

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AuthorR. Alvarez-Gonzalez, D. Glez-Pena, F. Diaz, F. Fdez-Riverola
Bioconductor views DifferentialExpression Microarray
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerRodrigo Alvarez-Glez <rodrigo.djv@uvigo.es>

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calculateDiscriminantFuzzyPattern Man page
.calculateDiscriminantFuzzyPattern Man page
calculateFuzzyPatterns Man page
.calculateFuzzyPatterns Man page
calculateMembershipFunctions Man page
.calculateMembershipFunctions Man page
.computeMembershipHigh Man page
computeMembership,HighExpressionLevel-method Man page
.computeMembershipLow Man page
computeMembership,LowExpressionLevel-method Man page
.computeMembershipMedium Man page
computeMembership,MediumExpressionLevel-method Man page
DFP Man page
DFP-package Man page
discretizeExpressionValues Man page
.discretizeExpressionValues Man page
discriminantFuzzyPattern Man page
ExpressionLevel-class Man page
.fuzzyDiscretization Man page
.fuzzyPatterns Man page
HighExpressionLevel-class Man page
LowExpressionLevel-class Man page
MediumExpressionLevel-class Man page
plotDiscriminantFuzzyPattern Man page
.plotGeneMF Man page
plotMembershipFunctions Man page
readCSV Man page
rmadataset Man page
.setValuesHigh Man page
setValues,HighExpressionLevel-method Man page
.setValuesLow Man page
setValues,LowExpressionLevel-method Man page
.setValuesMedium Man page
setValues,MediumExpressionLevel-method Man page
showDiscreteValues Man page
show,ExpressionLevel-method Man page
showFuzzyPatterns Man page
show-methods Man page
.skipOddValues Man page

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