Man pages for DFP
Gene Selection

calculateDiscriminantFuzzyPatternCalculates the Discriminant Fuzzy Pattern to select...
calculateFuzzyPatternsCalculates a Fuzzy Pattern for each category of the samples
calculateMembershipFunctionsCalculates Membership Functions
DFP-internalInternal DFP objects
DFP-packageDFP Package Overview
discretizeExpressionValuesFunction to discretize gene expression data
discriminantFuzzyPatternDiscriminant Fuzzy Pattern to filter genes
ExpressionLevel-classClass "ExpressionLevel"
HighExpressionLevel-classClass "HighExpressionLevel"
LowExpressionLevel-classClass "LowExpressionLevel"
MediumExpressionLevel-classClass "MediumExpressionLevel"
plotDiscriminantFuzzyPatternPlots the Discriminant Fuzzy Pattern of the relevant genes
plotMembershipFunctionsPlots the Membership Functions (Low, Medium, High) used to...
readCSVCreates an ExpressionSet with an AnnotatedDataFrame from CSV...
rmadatasetA sample ExpressionSet object
showDiscreteValuesPrints the labels to which the algorithm converts the gene...
showFuzzyPatternsPlots the Fuzzy Patterns corresponding to a class
show-methodsPrints the slots (attributes) of an ExpressionLevel object
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