Man pages for DNAshapeR
High-throughput prediction of DNA shape features

convertMethFileConvert fasta file to methylated file format
DNAshapeR-packageDNAshapeR package for high-throughput prediction of DNA shape...
encodeKmerHbondencode Hbond
encodeKMerSeqEncode k-mer DNA sequence features
encodeNstOrderShapeEncode n-st order shape features DNAshapeR can be used to...
encodeSeqShapeEncode k-mer DNA sequence and n-th order DNA Shape features
getFastaExtract fasta sequence given a set of genomic intervals and a...
getShapePredict DNA shape from a FASTA file
heatShapePlot heatmap of DNA shape features
normalizeMin-Max normalization
normalizeShapeNormalize n-st order shape features
plotShapePlot metaprofiles of DNA shape features
readNonStandardFastaFileRead the position fasta file
readShapeRead (parse) DNA shape predictions
trackShapePlot track view of DNA shape features
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