DSS: Dispersion shrinakge for sequencing data.

DSS is an R library performing differntial analysis for count-based sequencing data. It detectes differentially expressed genes (DEGs) from RNA-seq, and differentially methylated loci or regions (DML/DMRs) from bisulfite sequencing (BS-seq). The core of DSS is a new dispersion shrinkage method for estimating the dispersion parameter from Gamma-Poisson or Beta-Binomial distributions.

AuthorHao Wu <hao.wu@emory.edu>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerHao Wu <hao.wu@emory.edu>

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callDML Man page
callDMR Man page
dispersion Man page
dispersion<- Man page
dispersion,SeqCountSet-method Man page
dispersion<-,SeqCountSet,numeric-method Man page
DMLfit.multiFactor Man page
DMLtest Man page
DMLtest.multiFactor Man page
DSS Man page
DSS.DE Man page
DSS-package Man page
estDispersion Man page
estDispersion,SeqCountSet-method Man page
estNormFactors Man page
estNormFactors,SeqCountSet-method Man page
makeBSseqData Man page
newSeqCountSet Man page
normalizationFactor Man page
normalizationFactor<- Man page
normalizationFactor<-,SeqCountSet,matrix-method Man page
normalizationFactor,SeqCountSet-method Man page
normalizationFactor<-,SeqCountSet,numeric-method Man page
SeqCountSet Man page
SeqCountSet-class Man page
seqData Man page
showOneDMR Man page
waldTest Man page
waldTest,SeqCountSet-method Man page

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