Man pages for EBSeqHMM
Bayesian analysis for identifying gene or isoform expression changes in ordered RNA-seq experiments

beta.momMethod of moments estimation ( beta distribution )
EBHMMNBfunBaum-Welch algorithm for a single hidden markov chain
EBHMMNBfunForMultiBaum-Welch algorithm for multiple hidden markov chains
EBHMMNBMultiEM_2chainRun EBSeqHMM model with a fixed expected FC
EBSeqHMM-packageEBSeqHMM: A Bayesian approach for identifying gene-expression...
EBSeqHMMTestIdentify DE genes and classify them into their most likely...
EBTest_extExtented EBTest function
f0Calculate the prior predictive distribution of the...
GeneExampleDataSimulated gene level data set with 5 ordered conditions
GetAllPathsObtain all possible gene paths for an RNA-seq experiments...
GetConfidentCallsObtain confident gene calls for classifying genes into...
GetDECallsObtain DE gene/isoform list at a certain FDR
IsoExampleListSimulated isoform level data set with 5 ordered conditions
LikefunNBHMMLikelihood function of the Beta-Negative Binomial HMM Model
PlotExpPlot expression of a single gene
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