Man pages for GLAD
Gain and Loss Analysis of DNA

arrayCGHObject of Class arrayCGH
arrayPerspPerspective image of microarray spots statistic
arrayPlotSpatial image of microarray spots statistic consercion
as.profileCGHCreate an object of class profileCGH
bladderBladder cancer CGH data
ChrNumericConvert chromosome into numeric values
ColorBarCalibration bar for color images
cytobandCytogenetic banding
dagladAnalysis of array CGH data
gladAnalysis of array CGH data
hclustHierarchical Clustering
kernelKernelpen function
myPaletteMicroarray color palette
plotProfilePlot genomic profile and cytogenetic banding
profileCGHObjects of Class profileCGH and profileChr
snijdersPublic CGH data of Snijders
tkdagladGraphical interface for GLAD package
veltmanPublic CGH data of Veltman
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