Man pages for GeneRegionScan

addSnpPdataAdd SNP data from hapmap-style data file to pData of...
checkForFileInPathCheck For File In Path
doProbeLinearDo Probe Linear
doProbeTTestDo Probe T-Test
exampleProbeLevelSetExample Dataset of class 'ProbeLevelSet'
excludeDoubleMatchingProbesExclude ProbeLevelSet probes that match more than once in...
exonStructureAdd exon-structure to plots
findProbePositionsFind positions of probes on a gene
findSequenceInGenomeFind a sequence in genome
geneRegionScanGene Region Scan
genomicgenomic sequence of gene in ProbeLevelSet
getLocalMetaprobeIntensitiesGet Metaprobe Intensities locally
getLocalProbeIntensitiesGet Probe Intensities locally
getMetaprobesetsFromRegionOfInterestGet Meta Probe Set IDs From Region Of Interest
getProbeLevelAnnotationForExonArraysGet ProbeLevel Annotation for Exon Arrays
getProbesetsFromMetaprobesetGet Probeset IDs From metaprobeset IDs
getProbesetsFromRegionOfInterestGet Probeset IDs From Region Of Interest
getSequenceGet Sequence from a ProbeLevelSet
getServerProbeIntensitiesGet Probe Intensities from a server
mrnamRNA sequence of gene in ProbeLevelSet
Nondocumented-objectsHere goes every undocumented function.
plotCoexpressionPlot Coexpression of probes in a ProbeLevelSet
plotOnGenePlot probe level data on a gene
plotStatisticsPlot Statistics
ProbeLevelSet-classClass ProbeLevelSet
readGeneInputStandardize reading of gene inputs
translateSampleNamesTranslate sample names using translation file
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