Man pages for HybridMTest
Hybrid Multiple Testing

correlation.dataSample ExpressionSet object of
grenander.ebpGrenander EBP.
GroupComp.dataSample ExpressionSet of
HybridMTest-packageA powerful tool in gene expression hypothesis testing.
hybrid.testHybrid Multiple Testing of Gene Expression Data
row.kgrp.shapiroShapiro Wilk test of normality.
row.kruskal.wallisApply the Kruskal-Wallis test many times
row.oneway.anovaPerform one-way ANOVA for many variables.
row.pearsonCompute the Pearson correlation of a variable x with many...
row.slr.shapiroTest normality of residuals for many variables.
row.spearmanCompute Spearmans rank-based correlation of many variables...
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