mdsChr22Obj: Object of SummarizedExperiment type for intron retention MDS...

Description Usage Format Value Source


The Results of interest() analysis in Intron-retention mode, for the genes that feature U12-type introns and are located on Chr22 in MDS data.




An Object of class SummarizedExperiment that contains intron retention results generated by interest() function on MDS data consisting of bone-marrows samples of 8 MDS patients with ZRSR2 mutations, 4 patients without the mutation and 4 healthy individuals.


A "DataFrame" (from "S4Vectors" package) that its rownames can be set as the sample identification names and the other columns are various annotations for the samples. Its column names are characters that describe the annotations.


List of size 2 that includes two numeric matrices: counts that includes raw read counts of the sequencing reads mapped to introns and exons, and (2) scaledRetention, i.e. the normalized read counts.


A NULL value.


A "DataFrame" (from "S4Vectors" package) that include intron and exon annotations.


A list of size 2 that includes parameter settings for the interest() and interest.sequential() runs.


Object of class SummarizedExperiment.


Madan, V.,, Aberrant splicing of U12-type introns is the hallmark of ZRSR2 mutant myelodysplastic syndrome. Nat Communication 2015 Jan 14;6:6042. doi: 10.1038/ncomms7042.

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