MIMOSA: Mixture Models for Single-Cell Assays

Modeling count data using Dirichlet-multinomial and beta-binomial mixtures with applications to single-cell assays.

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AuthorGreg Finak <gfinak@fhcrc.org>
Bioconductor views CellBasedAssays FlowCytometry
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerGreg Finak <gfinak@fhcrc.org>

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asinh_trans Man page
BetaMixResult-class Man page
boxplotMIMOSAResultList Man page
combine.MIMOSA Man page
ConstructMIMOSAExpressionSet Man page
countsTable Man page
countsTable,MCMCResult-method Man page
countsTable,MDMixResult-method Man page
countsTable.MIMOSAResultList Man page
countsTable,MIMOSAResultList-method Man page
countsTable,MIMOSAResult-method Man page
fdr Man page
fdr.matrix Man page
fdr.MIMOSAResult Man page
fdr.MIMOSAResultList Man page
.fitMCMC Man page
getW Man page
getW.MIMOSAResult Man page
getW.MIMOSAResultList Man page
getZ Man page
getZ.MIMOSAResult Man page
getZ.MIMOSAResultList Man page
ICS Man page
MDMix Man page
MIMOSA Man page
MIMOSAExpressionSet Man page
MIMOSA,formula,ExpressionSet-method Man page
MIMOSA-package Man page
MIMOSAResult Man page
MIMOSAResult-class Man page
pData,MCMCResult-method Man page
pData,MDMixResult-method Man page
pData.MIMOSAResultList Man page
pData,MIMOSAResultList-method Man page
pData,MIMOSAResult-method Man page
print.MIMOSAResultList Man page
show Man page
show,MIMOSAResult-method Man page
volcanoPlot Man page

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