Man pages for MSnID
Utilities for Exploration and Assessment of Confidence of LC-MSn Proteomics Identifications

accessionsNon-redundant list of accession (protein) identifiers
add_mod_symbolAnnotates peptide sequences with modification symbols
apply_filterFilters the MS/MS identifications
assess_missed_cleavagesCounts the missing cleavage sites within the peptides...
assess_terminiChecks if the peptide termini conforms with cleavage...
correct_peak_selectionCorrects wrong selection of monoisotopic peak
dataExample mzIdenML File and MSnID Object
evaluate_filterFilters the MS/MS identifications
fetch_conversion_tableFetches conversion table form one type of identifiers to...
id_qualityIdentification quality
infer_parsimonious_accessionsEliminates Redundancy in Peptide-to-Protein Mapping
map_mod_sitesMaps the modifications to protein sequence
mass_measurement_errorComputes error of the parent ion mass to charge measurement
MSnID-classThe "MSnID" Class for Mass Spectrometry Based Proteomics...
MSnIDFilter-classThe "MSnIDFilter" Class for Handling MS/MS Criteria,...
MSnID-packageMSnID: Utilities for Handling MS/MS Identifications
optimize_filterFilter criteria optimization to maximize the number of...
peptidesNon-redundant list of peptides
psmsPeptide-to-spectrum matches
read_mzIDsPopulates MS/MS results table from mzIdentML files
recalibratePost-experimental recalibration of observed mass to charge...
remap_accessions-methodChanges accessions from one protein id to another
remap_fasta_entry_namesRemapping entries in FASTA file
report_modsLists modification masses in the MSnID object
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