Man pages for Melissa
Bayesian clustering and imputationa of single cell methylomes

binarise_filesBinarise CpG sites
cluster_ariCompute clustering ARI
cluster_errorCompute clustering assignment error 'cluster_error' computes...
create_melissa_data_objCreate methylation regions for all cells
eval_cluster_performanceEvaluate clustering performance
eval_imputation_performanceEvaluate imputation performance
extract_yExtract responses y
filter_regionsFiltering process prior to running Melissa
impute_met_filesImpute/predict methylation files
impute_test_metImpute/predict test methylation states
init_design_matrixInitialise design matrices
log_sum_expCompute stable log-sum-exp
Melissa'Melissa': Bayesian clustering and imputation of single cell...
melissa_encode_dtSynthetic ENCODE single cell methylation data
melissa_gibbsGibbs sampling algorithm for Melissa model
melissa_synth_dtSynthetic single cell methylation data
melissa_vbCluster and impute single cell methylomes using VB
partition_datasetPartition synthetic dataset to training and test set
plot_melissa_profilesPlot predictive methylaation profiles
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