Man pages for OrderedList
Similarities of Ordered Gene Lists

check.test.argsHelper Function to Compute Test Statistics
compareListsCompare Ordered Lists with Weighted Overlap Score
getOverlapExtracting the Intersecting IDs From a listComparison Object
OL.dataGene Expression and Clinical Information of Two Cancer...
OL.resultThree Examples of Class 'OrderedList'
OrderedListDetecting Similarities of Two Microarray Studies
overlapCount Elements in Overlap between two Lists
plot.OrderedListPlotting Function for OrderedList Objects
prepareDataCombining Two Studies into an Expression Set
preparePermutationsPrepare Permutation and Subsetting Matrices
print.OrderedListPrinting Function for OrderedList Objects
scoreOrderComparisonScore the Comparison of two Gene Rankings
scoreRankingsScore the Comparison of two Rankings
shuffledRandomScoresGenerates Null-Distribution for List-Overlap-Scores
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