Man pages for PrInCE
Predicting Interactomes from Co-Elution

adjacency_matrix_from_data_frameCreate an adjacency matrix from a data frame
adjacency_matrix_from_listCreate an adjacency matrix from a list of complexes
aicModel selection for Gaussian mixture models
build_gaussiansDeconvolve profiles into Gaussian mixture models
calculate_featuresCalculate the default features used to predict interactions...
calculate_precisionCalculate precision at each point in a sequence
check_gaussiansCheck the format of a list of Gaussians
choose_gaussiansFit a Gaussian mixture model to a co-elution profile
clean_profilePreprocess a co-elution profile
clean_profilesPreprocess a co-elution profile matrix
co_apexCalculate the co-apex score for every protein pair
concatenate_featuresCombine features across multiple replicates
detect_complexesDetect significantly interacting complexes in a chromatogram...
filter_profilesFilter a co-elution profile matrix
fit_curveOutput the fit curve for a given mixture of Gaussians
fit_gaussiansFit a mixture of Gaussians to a chromatogram curve
gold_standardReference set of human protein complexes
impute_neighborsImpute single missing values
is_unweightedTest whether a network is unweighted
is_weightedTest whether a network is weighted
kristensenInteractome of HeLa cells
kristensen_gaussiansFitted Gaussian mixture models for the 'kristensen' dataset
make_feature_from_data_frameCreate a feature vector for a classifier from a data frame
make_feature_from_expressionCreate a feature vector from expression data
make_initial_conditionsMake initial conditions for curve fitting with a mixture of...
make_labelsMake labels for a classifier based on a gold standard
match_matrix_dimensionsMatch the dimensions of a query matrix to a profile matrix
predict_ensemblePredict interactions using an ensemble of classifiers
predict_interactionsPredict interactions given a set of features and examples
PrInCEPrInCE: Prediction of Interactomes from Co-Elution
replace_missing_dataReplace missing data with median ± random noise
scottCytoplasmic interactome of Jurkat T cells during apoptosis
scott_gaussiansFitted Gaussian mixture models for the 'scott' dataset
threshold_precisionThreshold interactions at a given precision cutoff
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