kristensen: Interactome of HeLa cells

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Co-elution profiles derived from size exclusion chromatography (SEC) of HeLa cell lysates.




a data frame with 1875 rows and 48 columns, with proteins in rows and SEC fractions in columns


Protein quantitation was accomplished by SILAC (stable isotopic labelling by amino acids in cell culture), and is ratiometric, i.e., it reflects the ratio between the intensity of the heavy isotope and the light isotope ("H/L"). The dataset was initially described in Kristensen et al., Nat. Methods 2012. The medium isotope channel from replicate 1 (Supplementary Table 1a in the online supplementary information) is included in the PrInCE package. The R script used to generate this matrix from the supplementary materials of the paper is provided in the data-raw directory of the package source code.


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