Man pages for REDseq
Analysis of high-throughput sequencing data processed by restriction enzyme digestion

assignSeq2REsiteAssign mapped sequence tags to corresponding restriction...
binom.test.REDseqBinomial test for REDseq dataset
buildREmapBuild a genome wide cut site map for a Restriction Enzyme...
compareREDseqCompare two RED Sequencing Dataset
distanceHistSeq2REPlot the distance distribution from sequence to the...
example.assignedREDseqan example assigned REDseq dataset
example.mapan example REmap dataset
example.REDseqan example sequencing dataset from a restoration enzyme...
plotCutDistributionplot cut frequencies of RE sites along a given chromosome
searchPatternsearch pattern(s) in a genome
summarizeByREOutput count/weight summary by restriction enzyme cut site ID...
summarizeBySeqOutput count/weight summary by sequences
writeHitswrite the hits of pattern search to a bed file
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