Man pages for RNAprobR
An R package for analysis of massive parallel sequencing based RNA structure probing data

bam2bedgraphFunction converts bam file to bedgraph by counting number of...
BED2txDbBedgraph to TranscriptDb object
bedgraph2normImport bedgraph to GRanges
compArranging information from GRanges produced by readsamples()...
compdataCreate or extend norm_GR GRanges using Comp_GR GRanges
correct_oversaturationCorrecting EUC of oversaturated fragments.
dtcrCalculate deltaTCR.
GR2norm_dfExport normalized GRanges object to data frame
k2n_calcCalculate number of Estimated Unique Counts (EUC's)...
norm2bedgraphExporting data in norm_df data frame (product of dtcr,...
norm_df2GRFunction to convert norm_df data frame (product of...
plotReadsPlotting ranges from GRanges
plotRNAPlot normalized values over transcript positions
readsamplesImport of tables prepared by Galaxy workflow to R environment
slogratSmooth Log2-ratio
swinsorSmooth Winsorization
swinsor_vectorSmooth Winsor Normalization
winsorWinsor normalization with fitting to <0,1> range.
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