Rchemcpp-package: Rchemcpp provides tools for comparing chemical compounds

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Compares sets of chemical compounds given as SD/SDF/MOL- or KCF-files and returns pairwise similarities as a matrix (gram matrix). It uses the compiled-in c++ library "chemcpp" to emulate the five chemcpp tools "sd2gram", "sd2gram3Dspectrum", "sd2gramSubtree", "sd2gram3Dpharma" and "sd2gramSpectrum". The tools are made accessible as R functions.


Package: Rchemcpp
Type: Package
Version: 1.1.1
Date: 2013-07-03
License: GPL2.1


Michael Mahr and Guenter Klambauer


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See Also

sd2gram sd2gram3Dpharma sd2gramSpectrum sd2gram3Dspectrum sd2gramSubtree


sdfolder <- system.file("extdata",package="Rchemcpp")

sdf <- list.files(sdfolder,full.names=TRUE,pattern="small")
K1 <- sd2gram(sdf)
K2 <- sd2gramSpectrum(sdf)
K3 <- sd2gramSubtree(sdf)

sdf_tiny <- list.files(sdfolder,full.names=TRUE,pattern="tiny")
K3 <- sd2gram3Dspectrum(sdf_tiny)
K4 <- sd2gram3Dpharma(sdf_tiny)

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