Rnits: R Normalization and Inference of Time Series data

R/Bioconductor package for normalization, curve registration and inference in time course gene expression data

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorDipen P. Sangurdekar <dipen.sangurdekar@gmail.com>
Bioconductor views DifferentialExpression GeneExpression Microarray Normalization TimeCourse
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerDipen P. Sangurdekar <dipen.sangurdekar@gmail.com>

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$ Man page
build.Rnits Man page
calculateGCV Man page
calculateGCV,character,ANY-method Man page
calculateGCV,Rnits-method Man page
fit Man page
fit,character,ANY-method Man page
fit,Rnits-method Man page
getCID Man page
getCID,character,ANY-method Man page
getCID,Rnits-method Man page
getFitModel Man page
getFitModel,character,ANY-method Man page
getFitModel,Rnits-method Man page
getLR Man page
getLR,character,ANY-method Man page
getLR,Rnits-method Man page
getNormTwoChannel Man page
getNormTwoChannel,character,ANY-method Man page
getNormTwoChannel,Rnits-method Man page
getPval Man page
getPval,character,ANY-method Man page
getPval,Rnits-method Man page
getStat Man page
getStat,character,ANY-method Man page
getStat,Rnits-method Man page
plotResults Man page
plotResults,character,ANY-method Man page
plotResults,Rnits-method Man page
rnits Man page
Rnits-class Man page
Rnits.getLR Man page
$<-,Rnits-method Man page
rnits-package Man page
summarizeProbes Man page
summarizeProbes,character,ANY-method Man page
summarizeProbes,Rnits-method Man page
summary,Rnits-method Man page
timeAlign Man page
timeAlign,character,ANY-method Man page
timeAlign,Rnits-method Man page
topData Man page
topData,character,ANY-method Man page
topData,Rnits-method Man page
yeastchemostat Man page

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