Man pages for SRAdb
A compilation of metadata from NCBI SRA and tools

ascpRFasp file downloading using the ascp command line program
ascpSRAFasp SRA data file downloading using the ascp command line...
colDescriptionsGet column descriptions of SRAmetadb.sqlite
entityGraphCreate a new graphNEL object from an input entity matrix or...
getFASTQfileDownload SRA fastq files from EBI ENA through ftp or fasp
getFASTQinfoGet SRA fastq file information and associated meta data from...
getSRAFulltext search SRA meta data using SQLite fts3 module
getSRAdbFileDownload and unzip last version of SRAmetadb.sqlite.gz from...
getSRAfileDownload SRA data file through ftp or fasp
getSRAinfoGet SRA data file information from NCBI SRA
IGVclearClear IGV tracks loaded.
IGVcollapseCollapse tracks in the IGV
IGVgenomeSet the IGV genome.
IGVgotoGo to a specified region in IGV.
IGVloadLoad data into IGV via remote port call.
IGVsessionCreate an IGV session file
IGVsnapshotMake a file snapshot of the current IGV screen.
IGVsocketCreate a Socket Connection to IGV.
IGVsortSort an alignment track by the specified option.
listSRAfileList sra, sra-lite or fastq data file names associated with...
sraConvertCross-reference between GEO data types
SRAdb-packageQuery NCBI SRA metadata within R or from a local SQLite...
sraGraphCreate a new graphNEL object of SRA accessios from SRA full...
startIGVStart IGV from R with different amount maximum memory support
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