Man pages for SingleCellExperiment
S4 Classes for Single Cell Data

altExpsAlternative Experiment methods
assaysNamed assay getters and setters
colLabelsGet or set column labels
colPairsColumn pair methods
combineCombining or subsetting SingleCellExperiment objects
defunctDefunct methods
internalsInternal SingleCellExperiment functions
LEM-combineLEM combining methods
LEM-getsetLinearEmbeddingMatrix getters/setters
LEM-miscMiscellaneous LEM methods
LEM-subsetLEM subsetting methods
LinearEmbeddingMatrixLinearEmbeddingMatrix class
miscellaneousMiscellaneous SingleCellExperiment methods
reducedDimsReduced dimensions methods
rowPairsRow pair methods
rowSubsetGet or set the row subset
SingleCellExperimentThe SingleCellExperiment class
sizeFactorsSize factor methods
splitAltExpsSplit off alternative features
swapAltExpSwap main and alternative Experiments
updateObjectUpdate a SingleCellExperiment object
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