Man pages for affyPLM
Methods for fitting probe-level models

affyPLM-internalInternal affyPLM functions
bg.correct.LESNLESN - Low End Signal is Noise Background corrections
fitPLMFit a Probe Level Model to Affymetrix Genechip Data.
MAplotRelative M vs. A plots
normalize.exprSetNormalization applied to ExpressionSets
normalize.quantiles.probesetQuantile Normalization applied to probesets
normalize.scalingScaling normalization
PLMset2exprSetConvert a PLMset to an ExpressionSet
PLMset-classClass PLMset
preprocessBackground correct and Normalize
pseudoColoring pseudo chip images
ReadRMAExpressRead RMAExpress computed expression values
rmaPLMFit a RMA to Affymetrix Genechip Data as a PLMset
threestepThree Step expression measures
threestepPLMThree Step expression measures returned as a PLMset
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