Man pages for altcdfenvs
alternative CDF environments (aka probeset mappings)

AffyProbesMatch-classClass "AffyProbesMatch"
appendCdfEnvAffyappend probe sets to a CdfEnvAffy
buildCdfEnv.biostringsBuild CDF environments
cdfenvfunctions related to cdfenvs
CdfEnvAffy-classClass "CdfEnvAffy"
copyCdfEnvAffymake a copy of a CdfEnvAffy
countduplicatedCount the number of times probes are used
geneNamesget the names of the known probe sets
getxy.probeseqA function to get the XY coordinates from a probes sequences...
index2xyFunctions to shuttle from indexes to XY coordinates
indexProbes.CdfEnvAffyindexes for probes
matchAffyProbesMatch the probes on an Affymetrix array
plot.CdfEnvAffyA function to 'plot' a CdfEnvAffy
removeIndexA function to remove probes in an environment
toHypergraphTransform to an hypergraph
unique.CdfEnvAffyRemove duplicated elements from a CdfEnvAffy
utils.FASTAFunctions to work with FASTA files / connections
validAffyBatchCheck validity of a CdfEnvAffy.
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