class-BeadLevelList: Class "BeadLevelList"

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A class for storing red and green channel foreground and background intensities from an Illumina experiment.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("BeadLevelList"), but are usually created by readIllumina.

Slots/List Components

Objects of this class contain the following slots

beadData: an environment for storing the raw bead-level data. Each row correspond to a bead and columns the data.
phenoData: an 'AnnotatedDataFrame' containing experimental information.
arrayInfo: a list containing array information.
annotation: character storing annotation package information.



Returns the strip/array names from a BeadLevelList object for selected arrays


Retrieves the what intensities on the log scale from the BeadLevelList


Mark Dunning and Matt Ritchie

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