Man pages for biomvRCNS
Copy Number study and Segmentation for multivariate biological data

biomvRCNS-classClass '"biomvRCNS"'
biomvRGvizPlot segmentation result using Gviz
biomvRhsmmEstimating the most likely state sequence using Hidden Semi...
biomvRmgmrBatch process multiple sequences and samples using...
biomvRsegHomogeneous segmentation of multi-sample genomic data
coriellArray CGH data set of Coriell cell lines
encodeTP53mapped RNA-seq data from ENCODE
hsmmRunEstimating the most likely state sequence using Hidden Semi...
maxGapminRunMax-gap-min-run algorithm for 2 states segmentation
regionSegAlphaNBEstimate matrix of dispersion parameter alpha (size) used in...
regionSegCostRegional segmentation cost matrix
simSegDataSimulate exemplary segmentation data.
sojournAnnoEstimate sojourn distribution parameters from posterior...
splitFarNeighbourSplit segments if long gaps exist between feature positions
variosmDifferential methylation data from sequencing
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