Man pages for brainImageR
A Framework for visualizing gene set enrichment throughout neurodevelopment

available_areanamesList of areas that are present in a plotted brain slice
BrainMapInternal- Overlaps regional enrichment into a single section
Comp-classComp keeps track of Spatial Enrichment calculations and...
CreateBrainOverlap spatial enrichment information and anatomical...
datIn vitro temporal data of human neural progenitor cells and...
hippHippocampal genes using the adult human brain as reference
InABAQuick search for presence of genes in the ABA list
PlotBrainColor and Plot the SGSE image
PlotPredPlot your temporal predictions
predict_timePredict developmental time from gene expression data
PValue.onetailCalculate p-value from bootstrapped sample
RandomTissueSummaryGenerate a random overlap
reColorColor in the brain images based on enrichment values
SpatialEnrichmentCalculate the presence of your gene set within each brain...
testEnrichCalculate significance of gene set enrichment
tis_in_regionList of regions that are supported by given tissue
tis_setList of tissues that support a given region in the brain plot
TissueSummaryInternal-Identify the number of genes expressed in each...
vthVTH genes identified from Allen Brain Atlas developing human
whichtissuesIdentify the tissues where a set of genes are expressed
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