Man pages for clusterExperiment
Compare Clusterings for Single-Cell Sequencing

addClustersFunctions to add/remove clusters to ClusterExperiment
builtInClusteringFunctionsBuilt in ClusterFunction options
clusterContrastsCreate contrasts for testing DE of a cluster
ClusterExperiment-classClass ClusterExperiment
ClusterExperiment-methodsHelper methods for the ClusterExperiment class
ClusterFunction-classClass ClusterFunction
ClusterFunction-methodsHelper methods for the ClusterFunction class
clusterManyCreate a matrix of clustering across values of parameters
clusterSingleGeneral wrapper method to cluster the data
combineManyFind sets of samples that stay together across clusterings
getBestFeaturesFunction for finding best features associated with clusters
getClusterManyParamsGet parameter values of clusterMany clusters
mainClusteringCluster distance matrix from subsampling
makeDendrogramMake hierarchy of set of clusters
mergeClustersMerge clusters based on dendrogram
plotBarplotBarplot of 1 or 2 clusterings
plotClustersVisualize cluster assignments across multiple clusterings
plotClustersWorkflowA plot of clusterings specific for clusterMany and workflow...
plotContrastHeatmapPlot heatmaps showing significant genes per contrast
plotDendrogramPlot dendrogram of clusterExperiment object
plotDimReducePlot 2-dimensionsal representation with clusters
plotHeatmapHeatmap for showing clustering results and more
plottingFunctionsConvert clusterLegend into useful formats
RSECResampling-based Sequential Ensemble Clustering
rsecFluidigmRSEC run for vignette
seqClusterProgram for sequentially clustering, removing cluster, and...
simDataSimulated data for running examples
subsampleClusteringCluster subsamples of the data
transformTransform the original data in a ClusterExperiment object
workflowClustersMethods for workflow clusters
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