flowMatch: Matching and meta-clustering in flow cytometry

Matching cell populations and building meta-clusters and templates from a collection of FC samples.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorAriful Azad
Bioconductor views Clustering FlowCytometry
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerAriful Azad <azad@lbl.gov>

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Cluster Man page
Cluster-class Man page
ClusteredSample Man page
ClusteredSample-class Man page
ClusterMatch Man page
ClusterMatch-class Man page
create.template Man page
dist.cluster Man page
dist.matrix Man page
dist.sample Man page
dist.template Man page
flowMatch Man page
flowMatch-package Man page
get.center Man page
get.center,Cluster-method Man page
get.center,MetaCluster-method Man page
get.cluster.id Man page
get.cluster.id,Cluster-method Man page
get.clusters Man page
get.clusters,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.clusters,MetaCluster-method Man page
get.cov Man page
get.cov,Cluster-method Man page
get.cov,MetaCluster-method Man page
get.dimension Man page
get.dimension,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.dimension,Template-method Man page
get.labels Man page
get.labels,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.match12 Man page
get.match12,ClusterMatch-method Man page
get.match21 Man page
get.match21,ClusterMatch-method Man page
get.matching.cost Man page
get.matching.cost,ClusterMatch-method Man page
get.metaClusters Man page
get.metaClusters,Template-method Man page
get.num.clusters Man page
get.num.clusters,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.num.clusters,MetaCluster-method Man page
get.num.metaclusters Man page
get.num.metaclusters,Template-method Man page
get.sample.id Man page
get.sample.id,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.sample.id,Cluster-method Man page
get.size Man page
get.size,ClusteredSample-method Man page
get.size,Cluster-method Man page
get.size,MetaCluster-method Man page
get.size,Template-method Man page
get.template.id Man page
get.template.id,Template-method Man page
get.tree Man page
get.tree,Template-method Man page
get.unmatch.penalty Man page
get.unmatch.penalty,ClusterMatch-method Man page
mahalanobis.dist Man page
match.clusters Man page
match.clusters.dist Man page
MetaCluster Man page
MetaCluster-class Man page
plot,ANY,ClusteredSample-method Man page
plot,flowFrame,ClusteredSample-method Man page
plot,MetaCluster-method Man page
plot,MetaCluster,missing-method Man page
plot,Template,ANY-method Man page
plot,Template-method Man page
plot,Template,missing-method Man page
sample.id<- Man page
sample.id<-,Cluster-method Man page
show,ClusteredSample-method Man page
show,ClusterMatch-method Man page
show,Cluster-method Man page
show,MetaCluster-method Man page
show,Template-method Man page
summary,ClusteredSample-method Man page
summary,ClusterMatch-method Man page
summary,Cluster-method Man page
summary,MetaCluster-method Man page
summary,Template-method Man page
symmetric.KL Man page
Template Man page
Template-class Man page
template.tree Man page
template.tree,Template-method Man page
template.tree,Template-method Man page

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