Man pages for flowPlots
flowPlots: analysis plots and data class for gated flow cytometry data

adultsNeonatesThe adultsNeonates example data set of "stacked" data.
computeMarginalData-methodsMethod computeMarginalData from Class "StackedData"
computeMarkers-methodsMethod computeMarkers from Class "StackedData"
computePFDData-methodsMethod computePFDData from Class "StackedData"
computePFDGroupStatsListCompute Group Stats on PFD Data to Be Used In a Legend
computePFDPartsData-methodsMethod computePFDPartsData from Class "StackedData"
computeProfileData-methodsMethod computeProfileData from Class "StackedData"
GroupListBoxplotA Boxplot Function With Embedded Statistical Tests for...
legendPFDStatsGroupNamesCreate Group Names With Embedded Stats to Use in a Plot...
makeBarplotDataPrepare Profile Data for a Call to Barplot()
makeDataListPrepare Data in a Data Frame for a Call to GroupListBoxplot()
makeTernaryDataPrepare PFD Data for a Call to ternaryplot()
marginalData-methodsMethod marginalData from Class "StackedData"
marginalDFAn example of marginalData
markerMatrixAn example of the markers data.
markers-methodsMethod markers from Class "StackedData"
pfdData-methodsMethod pfdData from Class "StackedData"
pfdDFAn example of pfdData
pfdPartsData-methodsMethod pfdPartsData from Class "StackedData"
pfdPartsListAn example of pfdPartsData
profileData-methodsMethod profileData from Class "StackedData"
profileDFAn example of profileData
readStackedData-methodsMethod readStackedData from Class "StackedData"
StackedData-classClass "StackedData"
stackedData-methodsMethod stackedData from Class "StackedData"
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