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The pfd parts data computed from the adultsNeonates data.




a list; pdfPartsData is a list of data frames. The first data frame holds the compositional percentages for PFD=1; that is, of the cells producing only one marker, the percentage of cells which express marker1, the percentage of cells which produce marker2, etc. For example, if there are 4 markers, the data frame for PFD=1 will have a percentage column for each marker, and the sum of those 4 cols will equal 100 The second data frame has n-choose-2 columns of percentages, where n is the number of markers and 2 is the polyfunctional degree; i.e. the 2 in PFD=2. And, so on. The length of the list is (maxPFD-1), since there is only 1 way to achieve maxPFD; that is, all markers are positive when PFD=maxPFD. Each data frame also contains 'demographic' data describing each row of percentages.


N. Hawkins, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

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# Load pfd parts data

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