flowPlots: flowPlots: analysis plots and data class for gated flow cytometry data

Graphical displays with embedded statistical tests for gated ICS flow cytometry data, and a data class which stores "stacked" data and has methods for computing summary measures on stacked data, such as marginal and polyfunctional degree data.

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AuthorN. Hawkins, S. Self
Bioconductor views CellBasedAssays DataRepresentation FlowCytometry Visualization
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerN. Hawkins <hawkins@fhcrc.org>

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Man pages

adultsNeonates: The adultsNeonates example data set of "stacked" data.

computeMarginalData-methods: Method computeMarginalData from Class "StackedData"

computeMarkers-methods: Method computeMarkers from Class "StackedData"

computePFDData-methods: Method computePFDData from Class "StackedData"

computePFDGroupStatsList: Compute Group Stats on PFD Data to Be Used In a Legend

computePFDPartsData-methods: Method computePFDPartsData from Class "StackedData"

computeProfileData-methods: Method computeProfileData from Class "StackedData"

GroupListBoxplot: A Boxplot Function With Embedded Statistical Tests for...

legendPFDStatsGroupNames: Create Group Names With Embedded Stats to Use in a Plot...

makeBarplotData: Prepare Profile Data for a Call to Barplot()

makeDataList: Prepare Data in a Data Frame for a Call to GroupListBoxplot()

makeTernaryData: Prepare PFD Data for a Call to ternaryplot()

marginalData-methods: Method marginalData from Class "StackedData"

marginalDF: An example of marginalData

markerMatrix: An example of the markers data.

markers-methods: Method markers from Class "StackedData"

pfdData-methods: Method pfdData from Class "StackedData"

pfdDF: An example of pfdData

pfdPartsData-methods: Method pfdPartsData from Class "StackedData"

pfdPartsList: An example of pfdPartsData

profileData-methods: Method profileData from Class "StackedData"

profileDF: An example of profileData

readStackedData-methods: Method readStackedData from Class "StackedData"

StackedData-class: Class "StackedData"

stackedData-methods: Method stackedData from Class "StackedData"


adultsNeonates Man page
computeMarginalData Man page
computeMarginalData-methods Man page
computeMarginalData,StackedData,character,character,character,ch Man page
computeMarkers Man page
computeMarkers,character,logical-method Man page
computeMarkers-methods Man page
computePFDData Man page
computePFDData-methods Man page
computePFDData,StackedData,character,character,character,charact Man page
computePFDGroupStatsList Man page
computePFDPartsData Man page
computePFDPartsData-methods Man page
computePFDPartsData,StackedData,character,character,character,ch Man page
computeProfileData Man page
computeProfileData-methods Man page
computeProfileData,StackedData,character,character,character,cha Man page
GroupListBoxplot Man page
legendPFDStatsGroupNames Man page
makeBarplotData Man page
makeDataList Man page
makeTernaryData Man page
marginalData Man page
marginalData<- Man page
marginalData<--methods Man page
marginalData-methods Man page
marginalData<-,StackedData-method Man page
marginalData,StackedData-method Man page
marginalDF Man page
markerMatrix Man page
markers Man page
markers<- Man page
markers<--methods Man page
markers-methods Man page
markers<-,StackedData-method Man page
markers,StackedData-method Man page
pfdData Man page
pfdData<- Man page
pfdData<--methods Man page
pfdData-methods Man page
pfdData<-,StackedData-method Man page
pfdData,StackedData-method Man page
pfdDF Man page
pfdPartsData Man page
pfdPartsData<- Man page
pfdPartsData<--methods Man page
pfdPartsData-methods Man page
pfdPartsData<-,StackedData-method Man page
pfdPartsData,StackedData-method Man page
pfdPartsList Man page
profileData Man page
profileData<- Man page
profileData<--methods Man page
profileData-methods Man page
profileData<-,StackedData-method Man page
profileData,StackedData-method Man page
profileDF Man page
readStackedData Man page
readStackedData,character-method Man page
stackedData Man page
stackedData<- Man page
StackedData Man page
StackedData-class Man page
stackedData<--methods Man page
stackedData-methods Man page
stackedData<-,StackedData-method Man page
stackedData,StackedData-method Man page

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