Man pages for maSigPro
Significant Gene Expression Profile Differences in Time Course Gene Expression Data

average.rowsAverage rows by match and index
data.abioticGene expression data potato abiotic stress
edesign.abioticExperimental design potato abiotic stress
edesignCTExperimental design with a shared time
edesignDRExperimental design with different replicates
getDSExtract lists of significant isoforms from Differentially...
getDSPatternsLists of genes with Isoforms in different clusters
get.siggenesExtract significant genes for sets of variables in time...
i.rankRanks a vector to index
ISOdataRNA-Seq dataset example for isoforms
ISOdesignExperimental design for ISOdata dataset example
IsoModelDetection of genes with Isoforms with different gene...
IsoPlotPlotting the isoform profiles of a specific gene by groups a design matrix for regression fit of time series gene...
maSigProWrapping function for identifying significant differential...
maSigProUsersGuideView maSigPro User's Guide
NBdataRNA-Seq dataset example
NBdesignExperimental design for RNA-Seq example
PlotGroupsFunction for plotting gene expression profile at different...
PlotProfilesFunction for visualization of gene expression profiles
PodiumChangeDetection of Genes with switchs of their major isoforms
positionColumn position of a variable in a data frame
p.vectorMake regression fit for time series gene expression...
reg.coeffsCalculate true variables regression coefficients
seeDSWrapper function for visualization of significant isoforms...
see.genesWrapper function for visualization of gene expression values...
stepbackFitting a linear model by backward-stepwise regression
stepforFitting a linear model by forward-stepwise regression
suma2VennCreates a Venn Diagram from a matrix of characters
tableDSIdentification of Mayor and minor Isoforms in the clusters
T.fitMakes a stepwise regression fit for time series gene...
two.ways.stepbackFitting a linear model by backward-stepwise regression
two.ways.stepforFitting a linear model by forward-stepwise regression
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