API for messina
Single-gene classifiers and outlier-resistant detection of differential expression for two-group and survival problems.

Global functions
MessinaClassResult-class Man page
MessinaFits-class Man page
MessinaParameters-class Man page
MessinaResult-class Man page
MessinaSurvResult-class Man page
calcBootstrapKaplanMeierEstimates Source code
calcBootstrapKaplanMeierEstimatesAtTimes Source code
calcKaplanMeierEstimates Source code
calcKaplanMeierEstimatesOnBootstrapSample Source code
kirc.exprs Man page
kirc.surv Man page
messina Man page Source code
messina-package Man page
messinaC Source code
messinaClassPlot Source code
messinaDE Man page Source code
messinaSurv Man page Source code
messinaSurvDoesObjectivePass Source code
messinaSurvFindBestThreshold Source code
messinaSurvKMplot Source code
messinaSurvKMplotSingleGroup Source code
messinaSurvObjPlot Source code
messinaSurvObjectiveFunc Source code
messinaSurvPlot Source code
messinaSurvSingleX Source code
messinaSurvSingleXDraw Source code
messinaSurvTrain Source code
messinaSurvTrainOnSubset Source code
messinaTopResults Man page Source code
plot,MessinaClassResult,missing-method Man page
plot,MessinaClassResult-method Man page
plot,MessinaSurvResult,missing-method Man page
plot,MessinaSurvResult-method Man page
show,MessinaFits-method Man page
show,MessinaParameters-method Man page
show,MessinaResult-method Man page
tcga_kirc_example Man page
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