Man pages for mirIntegrator
Integrating microRNA expression into signaling pathways for pathway analysis

augmented_pathwaysSignaling pathways augmented with miRNA.
GSE43592_miRNATop table of preprocessed miRNA of GSE43592 dataset.
GSE43592_mRNATop table of preprocessed mRNA of GSE43592 dataset.
integrate_mirProduce augmented pathways
kegg_pathwaysList of KEGG signaling pathways of human.
mirTarBaseMicroRNA-target interactions in human.
names_pathwaysList of KEGG signaling pathways' names.
pathways2pdfExport augmented pathways to pdf
plot_augmented_pathwayPlotting of augmented pathway
plot_changePlotting the change in pathways order
smallest_pathwayGet the smallest pathway
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