API for pathVar
Methods to Find Pathways with Significantly Different Variability

Global functions
bock Man page
diagnosticsVarPlots Man page Source code
diagnosticsVarPlotsTwoSample Man page Source code
geneDistributionSet Man page
geneDistributionSet-class Man page
geneDistributionSet2 Man page
geneDistributionSet2-class Man page
geneDistributionSet3 Man page
geneDistributionSet3-class Man page
geneSet Man page
geneSet-class Man page
getGenes Man page Source code
makeDBList Man page Source code
pathVar Man page
pathVar-package Man page
pathVarOneSample Man page Source code
pathVarTwoSamplesCont Man page Source code
pathVarTwoSamplesDisc Man page Source code
plotAllTwoSampleDistributionCounts Man page Source code
plotOneSample Source code
plotPway Man page Source code
plotTwoSamplesCont Source code
plotTwoSamplesDisc Source code
pways.kegg Man page
pways.reactome Man page
saveAsPDF Man page Source code
sigOneSample Source code
sigPway Source code
sigTwoSamplesCont Source code
sigTwoSamplesDisc Source code
significantPathway Man page
significantPathway-class Man page
significantPathway2 Man page
significantPathway2-class Man page
significantPathway3 Man page
significantPathway3-class Man page
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