Man pages for plrs
Piecewise Linear Regression Splines (PLRS) for the association between DNA copy number and gene expression

criteriaCompute AIC, AICC, BIC and OSAIC for a given 'plrs' model.
modify.confModify the configuration (of calls) of the plrs model
neveCN17Copy number for chromosome 17.
neveGE17mRNA expression for chromosome 17.
plot-methodsPlot functions in package 'plrs'
plrsFit a (constrained) piecewise linear regression spline
plrs.cbUniform confidence bands (CB) for plrs models
plrs-classClass 'plrs'
plrs-packagePiecewise Linear Regression Splines (PLRS) for the...
plrs.selectModel selection ''
plrs.seriesFit plrs models for a series of arrays.
plrs.series-classClass 'plrs.series'
plrs.simSimulation of a plrs model
plrs.testLikelihood ratio test for a 'plrs' model
predict.plrsPredict method for 'plrs' models
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