Man pages for plw
Probe level Locally moderated Weighted t-tests.

AffySpikeU95SubsetSpike-in data
estimateMVbetaZero mean multivariate t-dist. with covariate dependent...
estimateSigmaFit zero mean multivariate t-distribution, known df
estimateSigmaMVFit zero mean multivariate t-distribution
estimateSigmaMVbetaZero mean multivariate t-dist. with covariate dependent...
getKnotsSpline-knots for plw and lmw
lmwLocally Moderated Weighted-t.
logitTlogit-t and t-test by row
plwProbe level Locally moderated Weighted median-t.
scaleParameterPlotScale parameter plotted against mean intensity
statByIndexComputes statistics by index or by row
topRankSummaryReturn or plots analysis result for top ranking or selected...
varHistPlotVariance histogram and density
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