Man pages for scruff
Single Cell RNA-Seq UMI Filtering Facilitator (scruff)

alignRsubreadA wrapper to 'Rsubread' read alignment function 'align'
bamExampleExample GAlignments Object
barcodeExampleA vector of example cell barcodes.
cbtop10000Top 10,000 rows for v1, v2, and v3 cell barcode whitelist...
countUMICount the number of UMIs for each gene and output count...
demultiplexDemultiplex cell barcodes and assign cell specific reads
gviewVisualize gene isoforms
qcplotsVisualize data quality
rviewVisualize aligned reads
sceExampleExample SingleCellExperiment Object
scruffRun scruff pipeline
tenxBamqcGenerate and output 10X read alignment data quality metrics
validCbCell barcode whitelist (737K-august-2016.txt)
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