Man pages for seqplots
An interactive tool for visualizing NGS signals and sequence motif densities along genomic features using average plots and heatmaps

add_local_fileAdd files to local SeqPlots installation
deployServerInstancePrepares the instance of SeqPlots, that can be deployed to...
getPlotSetArrayProcess genomic signal
getREFGet reference genome
ggHeatmapPlotWrapperWrapper function, plotting the heatmap
heatmapPlotWrapperWrapper function, plotting the heatmap
imPlot2Modified image.plot function from "fields" package, the grey...
import.narrowPeakImport function for narrowPeak format
MotifSetup-classMotifSetup Reference Class
num2bpConverts numeric values to labels with base pairs units, i.e...
num2sciConverts numeric values labels with metric system suffix, i.e...
plotGeneric plot function for SeqPlots package calsses
plotAverageCreate the average plot
plotHeatmapPlot heatmap with optional clustering
plotMextWrapper function, plotting the average plot
PlotSetArray-classPlotSetArray Reference Class
PlotSetList-classPlotSetList Reference Class
PlotSetPair-classPlotSetPair Reference Class
runSeqPlots innitiation
seqplotsSeqPlots - An interactive tool for visualizing NGS signals...
seqplots-genericSeqPlots generic methods
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