Man pages for spliceR
Classification of alternative splicing and prediction of coding potential from RNA-seq data.

annotatePTC.RPTC and NMD-sensitivity detection from assembled RNA-seq data
CDSSetContainer for coding sequence (CDS) annotation information
conditionsReturns sample condictions of an SpliceRList or an CuffSet...
dimRetrieve the Dimensions of a SpliceRList
generateGTFGenerate GTF files for transcript visualization in genome...
getCDSRetrieve CDS information from UCSC
prepareCuffPrepare assembled RNA-seq data from Cufflinks for spliceR
prepareCuffExamplePrepare the Cufflinks example data
preSpliceRFilterFilters on spliceR-lists for reduction of data sets
spliceRSplice class detection from assembled RNA-seq data
SpliceRListTranscript data and annotation object for spliceR
spliceRPlotPlot venn diagrams of alternative splicing events
toolsReturns the transcript or exon GRanges from a SpliceRList...
topIsoShiftReturns top transcripts in terms of isoform switching
totalNumberOfASReturns total number of alternative splicing events
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